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The statistics are staggering. Only nine percent of Christian youth and one-third of born-again adults believe in absolute moral truth – the stakes could not be higher for our youth and the future of the church. As researcher George Barna warns, “The church must focus on children and children’s ministry. We have virtually lost a generation. We cannot afford to lose another one.”


AWANA operates within the bounds of finances like any other ministry.  If you feel led to provide financially to this important Gospel and Discipleship effort, please reach out to one of our Club Directors and we'll be glad to talk with you about this!


Are you interested in serving in ministry?  Do you have a desire to clearly and urgently articulate the Gospel to the next generation?  Is there a longing to be a part of a special fellowship of believers, co-laboring for the Kingdom Heaven?


Find out more about our club and what we're all about.  We can always use more assistance.  Maybe you have time to devote in prayer.  Perhaps you have supplies that can support a special theme night.  Or there could be any number of additional ways to make an impact!

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