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T&T is a four-year program for 3rd-6th graders. Throughout the handbooks, which focus on God’s grace, the Clubbers read about a group of kids who are always ready for adventure! All the kids are good friends and Awana clubbers at the same church. All of the themed adventures the kids have while learning about God's Word are engaging and fun, while focusing on the truths found within the scriptures and about how to apply those truths to their lives, with oversight and mentorship from trained and qualified leaders.


Start Zone Booklet

The Start Zone is the beginning for all first time attenders. It presents the gospel and lets parents know that what we teach is firmly grounded in God’s Word, and it gets the gospel in their homes. For those who know Christ, it is an excellent review of the gospel and a tool they can use to share the gospel with their friends. Upon completion clubbers receive a uniform and handbook.



There are 4 handbooks in the T&T curriculum and you can find their scope and sequence at the following links:


All T&T clubbers will be going through the same book in a year and do not progress past the book intended for that year.


Extra Credit: At the end of each section in the T&T handbooks, there are “silver” and “gold” extra-credit sections which are designed as extra work to keep the clubbers busy and motivated if they are finishing their books.

They are not designed to replace working in the main sections of the book. Clubbers who are not finishing a book a year should put a priority on finishing the book and then going back to do Silver & Gold sections if there is still time at the end of the year.


Which Book Are They In?

Children can join the T&T club at any time. When a child joins T&T for the first time (any grade:  3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th), they first complete Start Zone then on to the handbook for the year and progress from there.  Clubbers completing both the Start Zone and Handbook before the end of the year can then complete any of the remaining silver & gold extra credit sections not previously completed.


Year-end Handbook Completion Awards

One book: Alpha Award

Two books: Excellence Award

Three books: Challenge Award

Four books: Timothy Award

For more information about T&T, please see the Awana website:

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