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Sparks is a three-year program for K, 1st, and 2nd graders. The Sparks curriculum consists of three handbooks. Each handbook communicates spiritual truths through verse memorization, crafts, review of key doctrine, and Bible facts, building a foundation of wisdom for knowing Christ.


Flight 3:16 entrance booklet

Sparks always start with the Flight 3:16 booklet regardless of when the program is started. After completion, clubbers receive a HangGlider handbook and red Sparks vest.

Handbooks and Awards

  1. HangGlider – Jesus in the past

  2. WingRunner – Jesus today

  3. SkyStormer– Jesus in the future

If a child doesn’t finish a book in one year, they continue in that book the next year.


Sparks Emblems

Sparkies earn a Sparks emblem by completing the first portion in their handbooks: HangGlider, WingRunner or SkyStormer. Attach these emblems on the upper left side of the vest below the Sparks emblem.


Pilot Wings

Sparkies receive a pilot wing when they earn their first achievement jewel in a particular handbook. Pilot wings are green for HangGlider, blue for WingRunner and red for SkyStormer.



There are 12 achievement jewels for each handbook with 4 of each color.

  • Red – Awarded for completing Bible Drill sections. Must be completed in order.

  • Green – Awarded for completing activity sections. May be completed in any order.

  • Blue – awarded for club attendance, if Sparks have no more than one unexcused absence during the quarter.


Review Emblems

If a Spark finishes his/her handbook before the year is over, they do the Book Review, which entails reciting every section in the book again. The leader initials completion of each section. On completion of reviews, Sparks receive the corresponding Book Review Emblem which is placed under the pilot wings.


Extra Credit

Sparks may earn the Frequent Flyer pins by completing the Frequent Flyer Extra Credit Cards (workbooks) - one pin for each workbook, which correspond to the three handbooks.

Which Book Are They In?

When a child joins Sparks for the first time (any grade: K, 1st, or 2nd), they start with HangGlider and progress from there. Example: if a boy joins Sparks for the first time in 1st grade, he would begin with the HangGlider book. If he finishes it before the year is over, he moves on to Wing- Runner. If he finishes this book before the year is over, he then does the review in the WingRunner book. Sparks do not progress past the book intended for that year.


Year-end Handbook Completion Awards

1st Book: Green Ribbon

2nd Book: Blue Ribbon

3rd Book: Sparky Award Plaque

For more information about Sparks, please see the Awana website:

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